Jun. 5th, 2012

tirsden: I vote for porn. (porn plz)
This is pretty much just a collection of random stuff. I figured I'd better toss up a quick intro, as there are a couple of things that can be confusing about this journal:

1) It looks like I rarely post.
This is only true in the sense of posting things that are viewable to the internet in general. The reason for that is...

2) I use this journal mostly for writing original and fan-fiction chapters.

Those entries are almost always kept locked and only viewable by myself. I started doing this a while ago when I couldn't trust power stability and/or the computer I was working with, and haven't seen a reason to stop since. The finished chapters get posted at the appropriate sites, be it devianTart or y!Gallery. But yes, that's why there are a ton of entries for tags, especially NaNoWriMo and "otherfics" but little or nothing comes up when those tags are chosen to filter the journal... unless you're me. xD

So yeah, that's that. I moved here from LiveJournal during the Great Layout Fail-Upgrade so transferred entries from previous to that move may still have url references back to LJ or reference LJ users. Poke around if you wish, try not to feed anything after midnight. Enjoy? :3

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