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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadows of Chernobyl progress notes

Shadows of Chernobyl [ Call of Pripyat ] [ Clear Sky ] [ Thoughts ]
Mods installed: Oblivion Lost

Noob mode game "Shane"
Hours played: 66

Rank: Expert
Group: Loner
Reputation: Excellent
Starting weight: 25kg
Money: 363,506 RU

Status: Game completed, freeplay mode enabled
Wish: "I want to be rich."

Armor: SSP-99M Suit
First slot gun: none
Second slot gun: VSS Vintorez sniper rifle (integrated scope and silencer)

Equipped Artifacts: Electro Porcupine x2, Porcupine x3, Old Glassbeads, Fiery Soul x2, Fire Tears x2

Armor cumulative stats:
Burn: 90%
Electric Shock: 55%
Impact: 50%
Rupture: 50%
Radiation: 90%
Telepathy: 70%
Chemical Burn: 90%
Explosion: 60%
Bulletproof Cap: 45%

Artifact stats:
Radiation: -421 +5 = -416
Endurance: +409 -86 = +323
Bleeding: = -0%
Health: +1200%

Stalkers killed: 1,413
Top 20 Stalkers ranking: #1 (4,730 ranking points)
Difficulty points from Killed Stalkers: 408,176
Difficulty points from Killed Mutants: 74,730
Difficulty points from Completed Quests: 1,142
Difficulty points total: 484,048

100 Rads bar stash: FN 52000 assault rifle + silencer, PSZ-9Md Universal Protection suit, ammo for the guns I use/stashed, medkits, food, bandages, anti-rads, a couple of artifacts, weapon attachments (scopes, grenade launchers, silencers)

Pripyat Kindergarten stash: VSS Vintorez sniper rifle plus ammo for it, medkits, bandages, food, antirads

Hell mode game "Riddick"
Hours played: 2

(will update this if/when there's anything worth posting... pretty much starting gear plus the first basic assault rifle and mister shotty)