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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat progress notes

[ Shadows of Chernobyl ] Call of Pripyat [ Clear Sky ] [ Thoughts ]
Mods installed: AtmosFear, Absolute Nature/Structures

Rookie mode game "Aster"
Hours played: 3

Zone days: 1
Emissions survived: 1
Missions completed: 4
Money: 2,973 RU

Stalkers killed: 11
Mutants killed: 6
Artifacts found: 0
Stashes found: 0

Armor: Sunrise bodysuit
Armor upgrades: oxygen tank, polycarbonate plates
First slot gun: Fora-12
First slot upgrades: soft release, increased magazine capacity
Second slot gun: AKM-74/2 assault rifle
Anomaly detector: echo detector

Most powerful mutant killed: Pseudodog
Favorite weapon: AKM-44/2U assault rifle