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Candy is sleeping on my recycling pile (which still doesn't have a box/bag to contain it and is growing rapidly). There's stuff I don't want out in the hall, and crappy signs taped all over shelves for where to put stuff. They're temporary cuz I just wanna get all the things of one type in one area (like, hmm, the movies/dvds that are spread all over and that's just one example). So far most of the areas have all the wrong things in them, but some are starting to shape up. (And no, I haven't yet found my scissors... or the two booster packs of Magic cards I know are in here somewhere... and now my hand mirror is missing.)

And there is lottts to go. But I took a break because I found some old writings I haven't looked at in ages. I posted them at DA, links to follow. Some of this was already posted at FictionPress but I'm not sure about all of it. And all of it is short works.

1995-ish and earlier poetry/prose @ DA: The Slime-Oozing Radioactive Aliens Go To Oz - I am a dreaming teenager - America, the Boo-ti-ful - A Description Of A Place

P.S. I forgot to say (I think) that Candy got very, very sick two days ago from a flea bath she got at the vet. We had to take her back later that evening because she threw up three times and barely moved / was extremely weak. She is allll better now and thrilled to be in my room again cuz I let her in since she's relatively flealess. Kittehhhh ♥ ♥ ♥

Edit@8:30pm: More written stuff up at DA (and yeah I'm getting further on my room yay!!) plus one art entry: DnD style character past generator - which led to a new deviantID - EverQuest haiku overload - haiku 4 stoopid people - Trapped
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