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teh ouch...

Sep. 9th, 2005 10:03 am
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Well, I just spent 415K buying black crystal ore off players. (And that was for only 18 of them.) But I got my Red Artens upgraded to Dark Artens... and I don't plan on making mage gloves again for a whiiiile. Unless I can hunt the ore down myself. But seriously man... these gloves are my babies now. My expensive babies. LOL.

But I didn't have some other expenditures like I'd expected, so I guess it's all good. Heck, I found THREE of Arwen's shoes in about 30 consecutive minutes. First one was on my own a couple days ago, I got it and zapped to Ellinia, turned it in, got a Fairy Wing (and opened the ability to have Arwen make me special quest/armor junk), and quit for the day. Next time I logged in I went with a friend to kill more fire piggies. Jumped off the far right ledge in Burning Lands V and first fire piggie down there dropped another shoe! I gave it to my companion and he got the Fairy Wing too, WOOT!. And not long after I got the THIRD shoe.

One word: whoah! o_o
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Let me tell you a little story. This tale is set in the online game Maple Story that I'm thoroughly addicted to. It begins two days ago...

I was hunting mithril ore for the level 33 wizard wand (for the quest to make it, as opposed to buying it). The ore can be looted from piggies with red scarves around their necks. No problem, I can kill them in one blast of Magic Claw. So I go to the secret Pig Beach and......... spend entirely too much time there. Hours later I managed to trade 8 garnet ores to another player who gave me a whole mithril plate (which is made of 10 mithril ore). I had the other 20 mithril ores and wah lah, I finally had my 3 mithril plates. I turned in all the correct goodies to the guy who makes the mage stuff and I got the wand.

Today I decided to make the level 30 gloves. I was level 28 when I started this endeavor. And can you guess what I needed? Two garnets. Which means 20 garnet ore. Dude, didn't I just trade 8 of those the other day? Oh well, it was worth it, right? I got my wand, it's all good. Time to hunt dark tree stumps and flaming piggies, cuz they drop that for loot. I found out fairly soon just how rarely they DO drop it. UGH.

Anyways, I'm killin' stumps on some random screen near the highlands town of Perion, and guess what drops off of a random stump? The level 33 wizard wand I had just made two days ago. The one I had traded my garnet ores to finish making. What are the odds of that?? For one thing, that kinda loot is insanely lucky. For another thing, it took eons to hunt down all the garnet ores, even after Mike joined the search. I probably spent around 9 hours total on that garbage. I did make a friend at least, another mage who ended up on the screen we kept destroying over and over. I bought a garnet ore off him for 10K (believe me, it was WORTH IT heck I woulda paid more but he was happy with that price lol) and later he partied with us for a bit.

So, in the end, I did finally get what I needed and made the gloves. Mike levelled while we were killing all the junk, and so did I, plus putting a lot of xp towards level 30. When I hit level 30 I get to figure out how to become a Cleric. Wheeee! ^_^

One more thing... Earlier today I bought the level 30 mage circlet. During my garnet hunting later, I looted a black jester hat. Which is also level 30 and WAY better. Again I must ask... what are the odds? That's what I get for planning ahead and buying/making gear early... or....... or fate is just weird. LOL.

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This post was last updated December 23, 2010. I quit for the last time. Fuck this game. Seriously.

Server: Bera

-[ Main Account ]-

AkuchanName: Akuchan
Class: Cleric
Level: 47
Wearing: Red Guiltian, Lightning Earrings (+5), Arc Staff (+7), Pan Lid, Dark Arten, Red Moonlight, Black Magicshoes, Witch Clothes, Witch Hat, Blue Shades
Holding: Pumpkin Basket, Red Gown, Blue Snowshoes, White Bandana, Amethyst Earrings, Pink Starry Shirt, Ice Jeans, Pink Whitebottom Boots, Sky-Blue Umbrella, Slime and Mushroom Omok Set, Match Card Set, Black Napoleon's, White Napoleon's, White Anakarune

Name: Akuchana
Class: Warrior (storage mule)
Level: 10
Holding: extra gear and weapons, potions, scrolls, drake's blood, game pieces, 1 fairy's wing, soft feathers, flint, leather, dragon skins, screws, mineral ores, gem ores

Name: Akuchani
Class: Warrior (storage mule)
Level: 10
Holding: extra gear and weapons, processed wood, magic rocks, summoning rocks, gems, plates, crystal ores

-[ Alt Account ]-

Name: TeacupDeath
Class: Dual Blade
Level: 35
Wearing: Storebought and drop gear.
Holding: Gear for later.

Name: AsuraHades
Class: Warrior
Level: 10
Wearing: Random stuff.
Holding: Gear for later.

Name: Moo0oo00
Class: Warrior (storage mule)
Level: 10
Wearing: Random stuff.
Holding: Storage stuff.

mage - keep Luk 3 points higher than overall level

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