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It seems my DoA signatures keep track best of how my resin crew has grown over less than a year and a half. I had to dig through my photobucket album for the first couple, then after that it was just a game of plugging in numbers to my usual format of signature filename now. Some jumps in numbers were due more to being lazy about updating the signature than anything else.

Let's take a trip, shall we?

November 26th edit:

Daaang. With the planned DZ order I'll be making somewhere around December 6th or 7th, I'll be at 24 dolls (including 3 heads and one faceplate all waiting on bodies whenever I get around to it). Amazing... and the Puki faceplate's body won't be too spendy, plus another 58-60cm girl or boy DZ body won't be too bad. It's Strata's DoD DoT body and the Soom Supergem one that'll be a pain most likely. Ah well, all stuff for the future.

Original post ending, Sept 24th:

I just made that last one (edit: the last one with just one row), and I think I'm gonna have to add one more doll to the list... Ramza's surprised head, who is telling me she is not "his other head." Gah! XD Well, for now... the current 14-doll sig remains king, pending official new arrivals.

Wow. 14 dolls. And I have 15 more on the wishlist, plus several more that... want to be on it. Badly. Pending drastic changes to moving plans in the spring, this should be it for me for the year. When next I can afford it, big-Karl gets shelled as a Souldoll Kagel, Ashe and Strata get their bodies (plus 'lil miss surprised head needs one too, siiigh), Jian wants a Yo-SD or 14.5cm Tiny for his own doll (which would be an SD or an MSD for him, respectively)... and then we see where we're at. ^_^
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So being as LJ doesn't like the embed code, have some linksh of some of my favorite OC's chibified. And yes, these are all guys. XD

http://plustg.com/dream/309255/share - Aster (J-Rock AU music video form)
http://plustg.com/dream/309457/share - Jean (Victorian era or earlier)
http://plustg.com/dream/309414/share - Karl (piratey version)
http://plustg.com/dream/309424/share - Michael (also piratey version)
http://plustg.com/dream/309435/share - Asura (modern day, everyday outfit)
http://plustg.com/dream/309430/share - Jian (modern day)
http://plustg.com/dream/309442/share - Zeres (Victorian era or so)
http://plustg.com/dream/309448/share - Ashe (modern day, elegant sniper mode)

Now do your ownnnn. You know you want to. :3

And dammit, this is a horrible dolly-enabler tool. I definitely want to shell Zeres now. ^^;;
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http://tinyurl.com/tirsdenrally <-- PICS. Also includes my comments on the rallyness. I'm too brain dead to try reiterating here. XD

And yes, I took my dolls. ^___^

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