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...and discovered that even though you can train everything up to skill 100 from a profession trainer, you can't actually craft some of it (especially anything useful in the skill level 75-100 range).

You can actually transmog, it costs one gold per slot if you are transmogging only the sort of gear you can find at level 20 or below. You can get and trade in Darkmoon Fair tickets for heirloom gear, which is by far the best gear you are going to get. Quest rewards, drops, and limited-number vendor-sold gear generally beat tradeskill items pretty noticeably (except perhaps the tailoring simple kilt for cloth casters).

Meanwhile, here's the locked profession items I've discovered the hard way:

- all inscription glyphs
- offhand books created by inscription
- inscription tarot cards
- wool tailoring items (including bags and vanity shirts)
- "lesser" versions of enchantments (or at least, Lesser Health was locked)
- greater magic wand (created by enchanting)
- engineering goggles
- cooking food that gives a 6+ stamina buff, or 4 mana, and some 4+ stamina
- wool bandages (really, Blizzard?)
- jewelry skill level 75 and up (from Brilliant Necklace onwards)

Based off that, I would guess (but have not bothered to confirm) that the following are also locked:

- fine leather anything (confirmed embossed leather pants are locked so changed professions)
- medium leather anything

That's pretty sad considering the 100 skill cap is already pretty darn low, and getting to the point of making the better items without any help or money does take some time investment. Plus, the usual trial limits are still in effect, where you can have a max of 10 gold so you will be able to unlock only three bag slots in the bank.

So yeah, that's World of Warcraft's "free to play" mode for ya. Fairly useless compared to pretty much every other F2P MMO, and it doesn't hold a candle to something like The Secret World.
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going through my bookmarks on the failing gamer PC while I uh... download the 4.2 gig Wrath of the Lich King WoW expansion... for the free 10 day trial... oh snap XD

ironically, I'm more interested in FRAPS-catching my whacked-out 3D card mess up the game and posting footage to YouTube... than... actually playing? yeah. sure. we'll go with that.

p.s. http://www.war-tools.com/?p=vt&i=3434 ...fake WoW priest skillbuild tree. much love ♥
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Guess who! Yeah, my new WoW char on Windrunner. Ridik. Phear. (I ended up redoing him at 11 when I decided the face I'd chosen this time around might have worked better and didn't. And yes, this was after getting the goggles... on a server I have no money on... the price of vanity, I tell ya. Okay, the price of character correctness.) I like the rogue concept much better for him than warrior, which I wish I'd picked on the pvp server that Furyan is on. Oh well... I have no idea if I'll ever play that character again anyways.

Mmm. Sleep. Hello, sleep.
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Yeah, finally got some character bios up after all the server-changing/new-character-creating stuffs. Check it out if ya like. ^^

Next up for the site will be new screen shots. Whenever I get around to it. ^^; Well what do ya know... there's new screen shots now. xD Page 6 is all new (it's directly linked from today's news item on the site's welcome page).
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This may look like your average WoW Priest talent calculator... but look closer...
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I might be changing main characters in WoW. I have a level 10 night elf priest I really like... yeah, not a gnome, but I really have wanted to play a healer and on the third remake the priest finally felt right. Human didn't work, neither did dwarf, and the last available choice was night elf. Third time's the charm, they do say. Was running DM with her and a guildmate (naturally it was the guildmate who was running the show, I was just hiding and looting) but the servers are down for maintenance.

So... it's nap time. >D

Edit: Oh, and I made a hunter I finally like as well. Amazing. Another night elf girl, lol... she and the priest are sisters so they look similar. I like both characters (possibly half because of teh sisters concept instead of just "some random character") and they look like dark elves. ...aaaand the real world butts in as Mom tells me I need to be awake when my kid brother gets home because he can't get the front door unlocked. Yay, the family has deteriorated into latchkey kids and workaholics. Back to that thought about sleep, let's go dream something far, far away from here.
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The first part of the story is from a while ago. I was playing my gnome warrior (level 19 at the time) running PvP flagged as usual, sitting in the middle of Auberdine minding my own business. Mind you, Auberdine is an Alliance town smack dab in the middle of Alliance territory. Suddenly a troll shaman on a raptor runs by, nuking the crap outa me in one or two hits. Ehhhh... huh? So I'm ghosting my way back to my body ready to get vengeance, even if it means untimely death again. Meanwhile my guild leader and good friend has his level 60 rogue on, and after my death report in guild chat he's on his way to show this shaman what he gets for playing dirty. We're partied so he can find me faster.

read more... )

Now for the rest of the story. And a greater understanding of what the troll was talking about. read on... )
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Wow but that DeviantArt search yesterday paid off. I woke up sick but I had a gooood dream (for once) and.. now to debate on exactly how much to post over on [livejournal.com profile] tirsdendreams.

WoW news: I got my first rez yesterday, something about dying horrifically at the feet of a group of high levels charging across the field in a vain attempt to save me from bandity death. Yay for nice people! Also, a couple days ago I went on my first instance run in Deadmines with guildmates, but we didn't finish due to one of them having real life butt in, so the other one got his high level warrior on and we did it again. This time I'd gotten the quest to kill the bad guy at the end, and he went down in big axe-maiming death. I got lotsa cool loots and also learned some stuff about partying practices for a warrior. The high level guy is a great source of info and happy to teach, and earlier that day tought me how to pull agro off his mage. The irony is, yesterday I tried the same technique with a random priest in an area I was having trouble killing my quest critters, and he died at least twice because I couldn't keep the critters off him. (I think the main problem there was his, he was overdamaging me because I only had one weapon in and a shield... dude, if the priest dies, the warrior's in trouble, so let the warrior get all the agro if possible, yeah?)

Hehe. Yup. Brain hurts... time to switch journals and post Romeo and Julius. XD
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One conversation from a day or two ago was about the possibility of the 4D game. Someone said that'd be impossible, so I suggested Time for the forth dimension since WoW sucks up so much of it. (This would apply to any MMORPG most likely.)

Me: psyche out your friends.. "pff, 3D, oldschool. I play a 4D game!"

And then earlier today, on a different subject:

Me: darn, goggles require engineering? blaah. ...as in, to wear ...kinda like keys require blacksmithing (why!? rofl) ..."yes, let me use my smithing knowledge... I shall beat this chest open with this key"

...man I'm so tired it's taking me three runs just to spell things right. LOL. *passes out*
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...but it's incredibly rude, I think, for WoW guilds to run around and randomly invite people without even speaking to them first. That's similar to the "______ guild is recruiting and anyone's invited" concept. Dude, you invite *anyone* and you get *crappy players* and drama nobody wants to deal with. Grr. Ftt. Argh.

Yeeah. For some reason my troll rogue got two freakin' invites today, the first one actually decided to speak to me after the fact (but I wasn't about to join) and the other one... who knows. I'm not desperately seeking a guild, I'm doing fine on my own. My kinda guild is the true trustworthy, honest, "family" sort of guild, and you *do not* find them just by suddenly getting a "_____ has invited you to join ____ guild" message.

/rant off

Rogues are easy. The troll one I have going on an RP server is my main there, and just got level 10 (duel wield! w00t!) and umm... I need sleep. Yup. Maybe I'll dream of Bruce Wayne again... the Michael Keaton version, of course! XD
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Dangit now I have that song stuck in my head. LOL. D'oh! Anyways, I had my first real WoW PvP adventure very early this morning when the Horde attacked Goldshire. At first I wasn't anywhere near the town, but it was under attack again when I was on the way back to turn in quest items, so I barrelled my level 15 gnome warrior butt into the fray. Whoo! LAG! And after three deaths on my part and a few allies biting the dust, at least two of the bad guys went down and the rest ran like the big chickens they are. And the nifty part is, I got credit for two honerable kills! Dude, at level 15. It pays to fight for king and country even if the big nasty undead thing staring down at you could squish you like a bug. And probably will. But someday man... they're gonna pay. >D

And now... sleep! lol... *splat*
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Ah yes, I forgot that was a key part of playing an MMORPG. Teh server maintenance. Dude, now I have to find something else to do... lol. I have WoW junk to research anyways, yup yup. (Of course it'd still be something to do with the game, eh?)

I should be ranting, I guess, but I was all keyed up to lose myself in teh 3D magical land goodness, that I'm not in the mood anymore. Hrrm. Bah, whatever, time to go look up Herbalism and some maps.

Vinyl Mind

Mar. 6th, 2006 05:01 pm
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That be the band I went to see with [livejournal.com profile] blackmanta and his girlfriend. They're electronica (I think) and it was their first show ever, and it was pretty good. The lead guitarist was somethin' else. And getting outa the house... priceless. After getting home this morning I played my new WoW priestess up to level 9 and woulda played longer but kid sister needs the computer for homework and plus my head is trying to kill me so it's break time. Heh, my priestess may actually have to group sometime, but so far I've managed to continue killing stuff one level above me. (And since I felt icky, I didn't even group with the one guy who offered just cuz I was playing so low-key and taking it easy.) WoW's handling of spell interruptions is much better than EQ's was. That or it makes WoW much easier. Either way, I like the variety of quests, plus I've decided to do alchemy and herbalism, I've just gotta figure out where all the plants are hiding... everything but peacebloom...

Brain soooooooo dead. x_X
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Yeah, guess who has a new MMORPG. Guess who went broke and used her Final Fantasy Advent Children money stash. Hehee... The game runs well on parental's PC (except in busy towns) and considering I doubt I can afford the monthly fee at this point, I'm just playing for my free 30 days and then I'll have the software for later. This is something I've wanted for a long time... and it beats heck outa Maple Story, except that my Maple buddies aren't in WoW. ~_~ Plus... this means I won't be on Maple until my free trial of WoW runs out. Prolly, anyways. But uh, if anyone's lookin' for a new addiction...... check out teh Warcraftiness, yes? ^_^ I'm going to have a character list available for friends only in the main sidebar of my journal, so you can look up my server and character names. At the moment I've completely forgotten which server [livejournal.com profile] blackmanta plays on, which will be my home server when I find out what it is... in like... three hours, cuz he's coming to pick me up and take me away from this crazy house until tomorrow sometime. *dances* ^_^

Buddies should check for a locked post about some scary shizzit that'll be posted above this entry.
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