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This game is a bit different from the average MMO, in that the whole loot concept is pretty much gone (and really, what's a super villain or hero gonna do with loot?). What you do get is collectable item-thingies (forgot the name) that you use to make your powers stronger, faster, less power-consuming, etc. Also, you get items that are temporary one-use things like healing up, power-restoring, armor-increasing, attack-upping, etc. All these things are neatly organized into little compartments of the menu system.

But yeah, I'm currently playing a free trial and like it. On with teh pics:

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CoV fansite
Last updated: December 27, 2012
This game can no longer be played. RIP City of Villains... you will be missed.

Infinity Server
Villains ...because evil is fun
Level 28 - Magic Corruptor
(Fire Blast / Thermal Radiation)
wherever she's needed
Furyan Elite
Level 19 - Natural Stalker
(Dual Blades / Willpower)
Cap Au Diable
Shane Riddick
Level 9 - Mutation Mastermind
(Necromancy / Dark Miasma)
Port Oaks
Level 8 - Magic Dominator
(Mind Control / Icy Assault)
Mercy Island
Level 7 - Magic Corruptor
(Fire Blast / Dark Miasma)
Port Oaks
Roy Batty v2.0
Level 1 - Technology Brute
(Super Strength / Invincibility)
Mercy Island
Ashen Shikaku
Level 3 - Natural Stalker
(Martial Arts / Ninjitsu)
Mercy Island
Heroes ...because fighting evil is fun
Level 8 - Magic Defender
(Empathy / Electrical Blast)
King's Row

Virtue Server (Roleplay)
Heroes ...because roleplaying is fun
Freedom's Fire
Level 6 - Science Tanker
(Fiery Aura / Fiery Melee)
Atlas Park
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