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I thought I dumped this somewhere online that was easy to find for reference (my own, mostly) and apparently haven't... so here it be. Glowy/sci-fi Aster is in the previous post. Character details listed here can change depending on what universe they are used in.

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Universe: sci-fi with interstellar travel

Name: Aster
Age: 225
Gender: Male
Race: Schien ("SHEE-yen"), a race that looks human enough save for the glow-in-the-dark thing and entirety of beautiful / handsome faces
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Pink, glows softly pink in the dark
Hair: White, long and straight with bangs framing face, glows slightly under any light source and glows soft white in the dark; seems to float slightly as if meant to do so for aesthetic reasons (it is)
Other physical features: True white skin that glows very softly white in darkness, very pretty features that can have him easily mistaken for a girl especially if he is crossdressing. Slender, graceful.
Orientation: Gay
Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Doesn't scare easily and is not afraid to use his charms to get what he wants. He will not, however, allow anyone to mistreat him while he has a choice in the matter. He can be playful, alluring, or a very neutral calm, and loves to sing in a virtually-perfect feminine range.

Weapons: ...stunning good looks?

Equipment: Whatever starting outfit is applicable; if he has a choice, it would probably be something gender-ambiguous if not flat-out feminine. ID, currency, the basics.

Powers/skills: Immortal. Speaks several languages fluently. Can dance and sing extremely well, and uh... other things too. :3

Genetically Engineered Specifics: 100% efficient metabolism. Cell degradation is so minimal that he can virtually live forever in a safe environment (hence the immortality status). Highly disease resistant but not completely immune.

Weaknesses: He is not a fighter and has had no training as such, although he is quite agile. If he had to fight, he would most likely fight dirty, but a strong opponent would have little trouble subduing him. He also has very low alcohol tolerance and is very sensitive to chemicals, just like the rest of his kind.

Not common knowledge: Nerve clusters under the skin at the inner left elbow and behind the nape of the neck, if pressed hard at the same time will induce a helpless state in which he cannot move under his own power and is at the mercy of whoever is around him for roughly fifteen minutes. Afterwards he is in a drained state and must rest for about 24 hours to return to normal. This "failsafe" is only known to Schien, their creator race, people who have purchased Schien, and the rare person who has acquired the knowledge second-hand in some way. It is a closely-guarded secret, because owners of Schien do not usually want strangers to know how to incapacitate their pet... and the Schien themselves are not about to tell either.

Bio: Genetically engineered just like every other member of his "race," Aster and those like him were designed by another race for the purpose of giving pleasure to the so-called master race. Schien could be designed to have any skin, hair, and eye color; darker colors still glow very slightly. This history of creating designer people-pets went on for several centuries before war with another world brought changes and eventual freedom for Aster's people; he was 119 when that freedom was declared. Schien are now considered galactic citizens in every right like other members of the galaxy as a whole (when applicable to the universe, otherwise they have citizenship in their own star-system), whereas before his people had no such status and were little more than slaves seen as property by a society that kept them subdued. The creation of further Schien has been outlawed for ethical reasons, and they cannot procreate on their own as they were designed to be sterile. Very few of the newly-freed stayed in the home system and Aster is one of those who left to seek his own fortune with his particular set of skills. He is currently working as a liaison and/or translator, the actual details of which would depend on further story setup.


Schien race template for D&D 3.5 or similar rulesets:

+2 CHA, -2 STR

+5 save versus disease, -5 save versus poison and chemicals

+5 Perform in two performance skills (training from masters)

+5 Sense Motive (learning how to know what masters want)

+5 Balance (generally agile)

-5 Hide (glowing in the dark)

-5 Intimidate (too pretty and too weak)

-10 Disguise (glowing in the dark plus too easy to recognize as a Shien)

Favored stats: Charisma, Dexterity
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It seems my DoA signatures keep track best of how my resin crew has grown over less than a year and a half. I had to dig through my photobucket album for the first couple, then after that it was just a game of plugging in numbers to my usual format of signature filename now. Some jumps in numbers were due more to being lazy about updating the signature than anything else.

Let's take a trip, shall we?

November 26th edit:

Daaang. With the planned DZ order I'll be making somewhere around December 6th or 7th, I'll be at 24 dolls (including 3 heads and one faceplate all waiting on bodies whenever I get around to it). Amazing... and the Puki faceplate's body won't be too spendy, plus another 58-60cm girl or boy DZ body won't be too bad. It's Strata's DoD DoT body and the Soom Supergem one that'll be a pain most likely. Ah well, all stuff for the future.

Original post ending, Sept 24th:

I just made that last one (edit: the last one with just one row), and I think I'm gonna have to add one more doll to the list... Ramza's surprised head, who is telling me she is not "his other head." Gah! XD Well, for now... the current 14-doll sig remains king, pending official new arrivals.

Wow. 14 dolls. And I have 15 more on the wishlist, plus several more that... want to be on it. Badly. Pending drastic changes to moving plans in the spring, this should be it for me for the year. When next I can afford it, big-Karl gets shelled as a Souldoll Kagel, Ashe and Strata get their bodies (plus 'lil miss surprised head needs one too, siiigh), Jian wants a Yo-SD or 14.5cm Tiny for his own doll (which would be an SD or an MSD for him, respectively)... and then we see where we're at. ^_^
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