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Just archiving some scripts in case I have to reformat again anytime soon. I found these via Google and they work on Firefox 18 (Windows XP). Update April 2016: added more and some of this no longer works, sadly. I've also updated the post date for this post so I can find it easier. Firefox is now at version 46... eesh.

hide "unsorted bookmarks" (bookmarks menu)

/* Hide "Unsorted Bookmarks" in bookmarks toolbar menu */
#BMB_unsortedBookmarks { display: none !important }

hide "subscribe to this page" (bookmarks menu)




{display: none}

#subscribeToPageMenuitem, #subscribeToPageMenupopup {display: none !important; }

hide favorites star in url bar

#urlbar-icons > #star-button
display: none !important;

put bookmark control menu items at top of bookmark menu:

@namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); /* only needed once */

/* move "Show All Bookmarks" to the top of the Bookmarks drop-down list */
#BMB_bookmarksPopup #BMB_bookmarksShowAll {-moz-box-ordinal-group:0}

/* move "Show All History" to the top of the History drop-down list */
#PanelUI-history > * {-moz-box-ordinal-group:3!important}
#PanelUI-history > label.panel-subview-header {-moz-box-ordinal-group:1!important}
#PanelUI-history > #PanelUI-historyMore {-moz-box-ordinal-group:2!important}

didn't end up useful but here it is anyways (hiding the star next to the bookmark list button):

#bookmarks-menu-button toolbarbutton { visibility:collapse !important; }
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[ Shadows of Chernobyl ] [ Call of Pripyat ] Clear Sky [ Thoughts ]
Mods installed: n/a

(under construction)

I don't have this game yet, but I plan to get it once I've finished the other two.

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[ Shadows of Chernobyl ] [ Call of Pripyat ] [ Clear Sky ] Thoughts

Shadows of Chernobyl

I really like this game, much more than I thought I would. I watched some of Helloween4545's Let's Play of the game and in the process snagged SoC and CoP during a Steam sale ($10 grand total, whoo!). I'm no longer watching the LP until I finish the game because the plot has become interesting enough. It should be noted that this is the first game I've played in the series, and (currently) do not own Clear Skies. The timeline for the series goes CS > SoC > CoP while the retail release order was SoC > CS > CoP.

The Oblivion Lost really is a must-have mod, love those blowouts (SoC Steam version took them out for some reason)... and the fact that I can now stand completely in the open now and survive them. Very handy, considering their propensity to show up at terribly-inconvenient times. Also, it kills the godsawful head-bob, which only activates now when health is dangerously low and the character is staggering.

This game took a while to get into properly simply because you start with a pistol while there seem to be a lot of nasty enemies who aim very well even on Noob mode (or worse, have assault rifles), and your starting armor is pretty darn crap. Also, I realized just how long it had been since I've played a PC shooter and how bad I suck at them.

I spent a lot of time killing dudes for loots, and the practice really helped plus I love not having to worry about repair costs later on in the game thanks to the cash I made. It meant delaying the main mission plotline, but I didn't really realize that at the time... and I enjoyed my shoot-loot-sell days anyways. Also, I abuse the hell out of quicksave because... quicksave! xD

Anyways, once you get an assault rifle yourself, things get easier. Once you finally find a scope, things get way better. An AK-74 Rapid assault rifle to which I attached a scope and silencer went through a lot of the game with me, eventually swapped out with a HK G36K assault rifle (which comes with its own scope and I added a silencer to it too), and then the FN 52000 assault rifle plus silencer which I swap out at random with the kickass super-zooming VSS Vintorez sniper rifle that has its own silencer already. The latter has excellent magnification, accuracy, damage, and noise reduction. Yum.

And then there's the scary factor. Helly said something to the effect of this being the scariest game he's ever played, and while I noted some tension during the more standard shooter parts (and no, I did not enjoy my first meeting with a Controller), I was thinking "This ain't no Amnesia / Silent Hill." Then I hit my first lab mission... and spent most of my time either running like mad, or with my ass against the wall in a corner going "nopenopenopenopenopenopenope!"

Call of Pripyat

I've played only about an hour and a half of the game at the time of writing this, but I can already tell the feel of the game is a bit different. Kinda sad, as I really like the feel of SoC, but the AtmosFear and Absolute Nature/Structures graphics mods definitely help make the game prettier... in that grungy post-apocalyptic way.

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[ Shadows of Chernobyl ] Call of Pripyat [ Clear Sky ] [ Thoughts ]
Mods installed: AtmosFear, Absolute Nature/Structures

Rookie mode game "Aster"
Hours played: 3

Zone days: 1
Emissions survived: 1
Missions completed: 4
Money: 2,973 RU

Stalkers killed: 11
Mutants killed: 6
Artifacts found: 0
Stashes found: 0

Armor: Sunrise bodysuit
Armor upgrades: oxygen tank, polycarbonate plates
First slot gun: Fora-12
First slot upgrades: soft release, increased magazine capacity
Second slot gun: AKM-74/2 assault rifle
Anomaly detector: echo detector

Most powerful mutant killed: Pseudodog
Favorite weapon: AKM-44/2U assault rifle

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Shadows of Chernobyl [ Call of Pripyat ] [ Clear Sky ] [ Thoughts ]
Mods installed: Oblivion Lost

Noob mode game "Shane"
Hours played: 66

Rank: Expert
Group: Loner
Reputation: Excellent
Starting weight: 25kg
Money: 363,506 RU

Status: Game completed, freeplay mode enabled
Wish: "I want to be rich."

Armor: SSP-99M Suit
First slot gun: none
Second slot gun: VSS Vintorez sniper rifle (integrated scope and silencer)

Equipped Artifacts: Electro Porcupine x2, Porcupine x3, Old Glassbeads, Fiery Soul x2, Fire Tears x2

Armor cumulative stats:
Burn: 90%
Electric Shock: 55%
Impact: 50%
Rupture: 50%
Radiation: 90%
Telepathy: 70%
Chemical Burn: 90%
Explosion: 60%
Bulletproof Cap: 45%

Artifact stats:
Radiation: -421 +5 = -416
Endurance: +409 -86 = +323
Bleeding: = -0%
Health: +1200%

Stalkers killed: 1,413
Top 20 Stalkers ranking: #1 (4,730 ranking points)
Difficulty points from Killed Stalkers: 408,176
Difficulty points from Killed Mutants: 74,730
Difficulty points from Completed Quests: 1,142
Difficulty points total: 484,048

100 Rads bar stash: FN 52000 assault rifle + silencer, PSZ-9Md Universal Protection suit, ammo for the guns I use/stashed, medkits, food, bandages, anti-rads, a couple of artifacts, weapon attachments (scopes, grenade launchers, silencers)

Pripyat Kindergarten stash: VSS Vintorez sniper rifle plus ammo for it, medkits, bandages, food, antirads

Hell mode game "Riddick"
Hours played: 2

(will update this if/when there's anything worth posting... pretty much starting gear plus the first basic assault rifle and mister shotty)

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Aster - Elf Water Mage - level 47

      pet: Cupcake the Pinkslime, level 40
Michael - Human Warrior - level 3
      pet: Aiden the Spitter, level 2
Ashen - Elf Sniper - level 2
      pet: Jade the Greenslime, level 2
Karl - Human Fire Mage - level 7
      pet: Suriel the Sheep, level 7
Riddick - Human Assassin - level 3
      pet: Beautiful the Raccoon, level 3
Kaito - Human Ninja - level 1
      pet: Vane the Sheep, level 1
Yage - Elf Scout - level 1
      pet: Lee the Sheep, level 1

last updated: o7.24.2o13
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This is pretty much just a collection of random stuff. I figured I'd better toss up a quick intro, as there are a couple of things that can be confusing about this journal:

1) It looks like I rarely post.
This is only true in the sense of posting things that are viewable to the internet in general. The reason for that is...

2) I use this journal mostly for writing original and fan-fiction chapters.

Those entries are almost always kept locked and only viewable by myself. I started doing this a while ago when I couldn't trust power stability and/or the computer I was working with, and haven't seen a reason to stop since. The finished chapters get posted at the appropriate sites, be it devianTart or y!Gallery. But yes, that's why there are a ton of entries for tags, especially NaNoWriMo and "otherfics" but little or nothing comes up when those tags are chosen to filter the journal... unless you're me. xD

So yeah, that's that. I moved here from LiveJournal during the Great Layout Fail-Upgrade so transferred entries from previous to that move may still have url references back to LJ or reference LJ users. Poke around if you wish, try not to feed anything after midnight. Enjoy? :3

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This is my character infos and whatnot for the XBox 360 version of Saints Row 2.

Name: Ashe
Gender: Male
Race: Asian (half Chinese, half Japanese)
Appearance: wiry build, black eyes and short black hair
Orientation: gay
Personal Style: Crossdressing, fedoras
Tattoos: Chinese dragon on his back
Gang Style: ninjas and fast cars
Cribs Owned: all, completely ugraded
Gangs Defeated: Ronin
Game Completion Progress: 46%
Neighborhoods Owned: 35/45
Missions Completed: 40
Hours Played: 44
Cash: $236,066

Etc: Due to the game only having three male voice choices, I went with the bad Spanish accent as it was the least totally unlike him (and he's one of my longest-running original characters). So, basically I have a guy running around in a dress, heels, and a fedora, beatin' down on punks and talking smack in a voice that sounds like Antonio Banderas on crack. I love this game.
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My goings on in the world of Dragon Age Origins. Those who are familiar with my original and fan characters will recognize some names and traits here:

mildly long list is midly long )
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Should ye be curious, the following entries and/or outside links contain my shenanigans in recent non-MMO games; games without links don't have anything online and/or are listed for amusement's sake:

        American McGee's Alice * and Alice: The Madness Returns *

Dragon Age Origins °*

Fallout 3 *

Minecraft *

Oblivion GOTY Edition °*

Pokémon Black *

Pokémon SoulSilver *

Saints Row 2 °*

Sims 3 °*

Skyrim °*

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series *

Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption *

Wheelman °*

* Active
* Played Occasionally
* Stalled / On Hold
* Not Currently Playing / Still Installed (PC)
° XBox 360

Waiting for when my real gamer PC is built:
Fallout 3, Oblivion, Hellgate London, American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns

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Just screwing around dumping some char/gear stats without designing a whole Skyrim fansite. Zhas was created first, Aster second, Mei Ling third. This is not spoiler-free, as spoilerish things may be referenced due to gear and whatnot.

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Everything before this was imported from LiveJournal.

Just so ya know. XD
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The new layout for AngelReaper is not live yet, but once it is, the following will become valid:

The Short Version:

Please leave a comment here to report a problem or ask questions specific to site design and maintenance. Thanks! ♥

The Long Version:

Q: What is this for?
A: This is the general contact form for the site design and maintenance side of the webcomic AngelReaper.

Q: What if I want to talk directly to the webcomic artist?
Please use Sarah's contact information at the AngelReaper site on the "contact" page.

Q: How do I report a broken link, or make a general comment related to site design and maintenance?
Leave a comment here describing where you found the broken link (be specific as possible), or anything else you want to say to web-designer Tirsden, aka me.

Q: How soon will I get a reply / the link be fixed?
I have email notification turned on so I'll get the message right away if I'm online with Yahoo Instant Messenger. Pending being super-busy at the time, I should at least get a chance to see the comment immediately if I catch it with YahooIM. If I'm busy or get the comment in email later, it may take a day or two to get a reply posted or a fix implemented. Please keep in mind that my work on AngelReaper site design and maintenance is a volunteer position.

Q: Do I need a DreamWidth account to leave a comment?
Nope! Please note that all comments are open for view by everyone.
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