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The new layout for AngelReaper is not live yet, but once it is, the following will become valid:

The Short Version:

Please leave a comment here to report a problem or ask questions specific to site design and maintenance. Thanks! ♥

The Long Version:

Q: What is this for?
A: This is the general contact form for the site design and maintenance side of the webcomic AngelReaper.

Q: What if I want to talk directly to the webcomic artist?
Please use Sarah's contact information at the AngelReaper site on the "contact" page.

Q: How do I report a broken link, or make a general comment related to site design and maintenance?
Leave a comment here describing where you found the broken link (be specific as possible), or anything else you want to say to web-designer Tirsden, aka me.

Q: How soon will I get a reply / the link be fixed?
I have email notification turned on so I'll get the message right away if I'm online with Yahoo Instant Messenger. Pending being super-busy at the time, I should at least get a chance to see the comment immediately if I catch it with YahooIM. If I'm busy or get the comment in email later, it may take a day or two to get a reply posted or a fix implemented. Please keep in mind that my work on AngelReaper site design and maintenance is a volunteer position.

Q: Do I need a DreamWidth account to leave a comment?
Nope! Please note that all comments are open for view by everyone.

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