Dec. 27th, 2011

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My goings on in the world of Dragon Age Origins. Those who are familiar with my original and fan characters will recognize some names and traits here:

mildly long list is midly long )
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This is my character infos and whatnot for the XBox 360 version of Saints Row 2.

Name: Ashe
Gender: Male
Race: Asian (half Chinese, half Japanese)
Appearance: wiry build, black eyes and short black hair
Orientation: gay
Personal Style: Crossdressing, fedoras
Tattoos: Chinese dragon on his back
Gang Style: ninjas and fast cars
Cribs Owned: all, completely ugraded
Gangs Defeated: Ronin
Game Completion Progress: 46%
Neighborhoods Owned: 35/45
Missions Completed: 40
Hours Played: 44
Cash: $236,066

Etc: Due to the game only having three male voice choices, I went with the bad Spanish accent as it was the least totally unlike him (and he's one of my longest-running original characters). So, basically I have a guy running around in a dress, heels, and a fedora, beatin' down on punks and talking smack in a voice that sounds like Antonio Banderas on crack. I love this game.

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