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...and discovered that even though you can train everything up to skill 100 from a profession trainer, you can't actually craft some of it (especially anything useful in the skill level 75-100 range).

You can actually transmog, it costs one gold per slot if you are transmogging only the sort of gear you can find at level 20 or below. You can get and trade in Darkmoon Fair tickets for heirloom gear, which is by far the best gear you are going to get. Quest rewards, drops, and limited-number vendor-sold gear generally beat tradeskill items pretty noticeably (except perhaps the tailoring simple kilt for cloth casters).

Meanwhile, here's the locked profession items I've discovered the hard way:

- all inscription glyphs
- offhand books created by inscription
- inscription tarot cards
- wool tailoring items (including bags and vanity shirts)
- "lesser" versions of enchantments (or at least, Lesser Health was locked)
- greater magic wand (created by enchanting)
- engineering goggles
- cooking food that gives a 6+ stamina buff, or 4 mana, and some 4+ stamina
- wool bandages (really, Blizzard?)
- jewelry skill level 75 and up (from Brilliant Necklace onwards)

Based off that, I would guess (but have not bothered to confirm) that the following are also locked:

- fine leather anything (confirmed embossed leather pants are locked so changed professions)
- medium leather anything

That's pretty sad considering the 100 skill cap is already pretty darn low, and getting to the point of making the better items without any help or money does take some time investment. Plus, the usual trial limits are still in effect, where you can have a max of 10 gold so you will be able to unlock only three bag slots in the bank.

So yeah, that's World of Warcraft's "free to play" mode for ya. Fairly useless compared to pretty much every other F2P MMO, and it doesn't hold a candle to something like The Secret World.

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