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(I'll post it to DA later. The prompt I picked was "A drunken man sits next to you at a bar and starts telling you 'the truth.' Write about what the truth is." Note that this was written with a 10 minute time limit and meant to be read out loud.)

Shane didn't usually go to bars, but he was tired of being shut up in his little apartment. Plus, he'd heard this establishment still had a stock of Zima on hand, even though production had stopped some time ago. He'd always wanted to try it. So there he was at the bar, trying to decide whether or not it had been a good idea to kill the stuff off... and then a stranger took the next stool over.

The fellow reeked of too much booze that was definitely stronger than what graced Shane's glass, but the drunk was more immediately talkative. "Hey man, you wanna hear a secret?"

Shane resisted the urge to go crawl under a rock and responded reluctantly. "Like what?"

"Hmm... I know the truth, man. The truth. All of it. You wanna hear it?"

The sober one nodded, thinking why the hell not? This should be interesting. At least he's not hitting on me. Out loud, all he said was, "Sure."

The drunk leaned back, gave himself a moment to collect his thoughts if that was even possible, then started in on the so-called truth. "This is all a joke. All this." He waved at the bar in general. "They run things. Keep us all in the dark. Keep us thinking life is just a job and a wife and the stupid white fence. They run it all, man."

Shane raised an eyebrow, just curious enough to actually ask. "Who?"

"The vampires, man."

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