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Hehee. Uh. I can't get Riddick goggles this month. Just isn't happening. In minor angst I wandered over to Amazon and saw the core rulebook gift set for D&D 4e... for $66. That's less than two of the books retail.

Somebody's getting a box somewhere after August 1st. ^^ Sucks that they're not available till July 27th, but oh well. *bounces!!*

And I can soooo still get teh goggles next month regardless.

So yeah. Happy. Happy happy. Especially after slugging through a few reviews (good and bad) along with comments to said reviews. BRING ON TEH 4E!

Date: Jul. 10th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] blackmanta.livejournal.com
Shoot! I am such a goddamn enabler. ;) Something tells me that you would have been tempted to get the 4E books when I showed them to you at Alternate Worlds. But I thought, "No. Kat's got plenty of willpower. She knows what's important." I figured at the very least, you'd know they were out there and file it away for when you did get more money.

Oh well, at the very least you'll have them now to run your campaigns. And hopefully you can get involved with Robin and Phil when Laura and I play in their campaigns, provided they also now have the 4E rules.

And for the record, I still wanna play a Dragonborn, dammit!

Date: Jul. 10th, 2008 04:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tirsden.livejournal.com

Actually it was a few of the reviews that kicked me in the head and said "get this now." Basically, I'd zero out my bank balance trying to get the goggles this month. Not worth the risk of missing a bill (like, oh, DSL...) But yeah, I'll be free and clear to get them next month. ^^

Oh yesh, I made a new AIM SN, eyesh1ne, because I can't change the password to the old one... which I don't think you had anyways. So yeah, if you wanna add me, gopher it! XD

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