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(I'll post it to DA as well. I was allowed to pick my own prompt if I didn't want to use the provided ones, so I went with a story that had been forming earlier today knowing what activity would be and hoping I could write whatever I wanted to. Note that this was written with a 10 minute time limit and meant to be read out loud.)

Anne made dresses. There were normal dresses and custom dresses but there were also special dresses. The special ones were magical and so very beautiful, but they were not for just any girl. A girl who owned one of the special dresses would find herself in the midst of a fantastical adventure, complete with fire-breathing dragon and a kind, handsome prince.

Now, there weren't all that many prince around who weren't complete jerks, but it didn't seem to matter as no girl had yet managed to complete the magical workings of the adventure itself. They all wanted the handsome prince at the end, but not the work involved in getting there. They had been warned of the danger and the cost, as one only got out of magic what one was willing to put into it... but the girls didn't care.

Twelve dresses, and still no happy ending. Half the girls were dead, and most of the rest were completely insane. Anne was an old women by the time she started on the thirteenth dress. She knew this would be her last one, so she put everything she had into the creation of fabric, lace, beads, and trim. She never saw it sell, as she died not long after it was completed.

Then one day a girl named Claire climbed up into her grandparent's attic, latte getting cold as she looked around the collection of boxes and trunks. This was her stuff now, and she had no idea whether any of it was worth anything. A lone trunk far in the back caught her attention, latches almost falling off from rust.

From it she withdrew the most beautiful dress ever seen.

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